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Types of Stone Polishing

~ Sealers
~ Diamond Honing
~ Acid Polishing
~ Crystallization

What is Stone Tile Polishing?

Most people don’t realize that the process of stone polishing, like concrete. is not a sealer or a roll on product but actually the refinement of the stone itself! Stone Polishing allows for a beautiful finish, impervious to spills and stains.

I wish there were a simple answer as to what the process of stone polishing is, but there are so many methods of polishing and  every job will require a skilled technician to assess the stone and adjust accordingly.

What we can tell you is the different types and why we would use them:

~ Impregnating Sealers 
~ Diamond Honing 
~ Acid Polishing 
~ Crystallization 

-Lets start with sealers. When most people think of sealers, they think of that beautiful, shiny driveway they have sealed out front; but in the case of stone this is not true. The sealers used in stone are specially formulated impregnating sealers made to have absolutely no surface residue or trace, meaning it will not add any shine to your stone at all. What it will do is stop liquids from being able to penetrate the surface; but as with all sealers, eventually it will need to be removed before it can be redone. Another downfall to sealers is that the surface remains very porous, which allows the stone to become dirty and trap bacteria in the surface.

- Next is Diamond honing (my favorite method).  It uses diamond tooling to mechanically hone the surface to a perfect shine,  removing scratches, lippage and tightening the pours of the stone until it rejects liquids.  There are no sealers, wax or topical products involved in this process.   For longevity, this is by far the best choice with easy maintenance. This process is ideal for all situations from light maintenance to complete restoration.

-Then we have acid polishing. This process is more of a spruce up than a restoration method, but still leaves a beautiful, high gloss finish with great stain resistance and strength.  The image on the left is an example of an acid polished job and is ideal for jobs that can’t get into the expense of lippage removal, leveling, and grinding.

-Finally crystallization. This method is controversial because of the skill required,and should only be performed by an experienced technician after assessing the job and its conditions.  This method actually chemically alters the surface of your stone to create a layer crystal that is then honed to a beautiful shine, with the strongest surface possible and best protection against liquids and stain.

It is also possible, and sometimes necessary, to combine one or more of these processes to achieve desired results. We would love to give more information on stone polishing, but there are so many variables involved such as:

~ stone type
~ color
~ hardness
~ condition
~ Grade of Stone

and more. This type of work is based per job. If you would like more information about your specific job or a quote please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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