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Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Floor

Polish Vs. Epoxy or Sealer

~ Easy to Clean
~ Economical
~ Durable
~ Modern
~ Elegant
~ Eco Friendly
~ No Buildup

Polished Concrete

What is Polished Concrete?

Most people don’t realize that the process of concrete polishing is not a sealer or a roll on product, but actually the refinement of the concrete itself! The process of polishing allows for a beautiful, strong, and hard-wearing floor.

The process involves mechanically removing the soft cream surface and refining the harder concrete below, then using diamond tools and equipment, polishing the concrete to a even, functionally beautiful floor.

There are several factors that will change the appearance of your polished concrete:

~ Stone quality and size
~ Color
~ Concrete quality
~ Grinding depth
~ Your finishers’ experience level

Some of the biggest do’s and don’ts when pouring new concrete to be polished are:

~ Do not use sacrificial sealers or cures! Only use approved Sodium Silicate Sealers
~ Do not burn concrete with power trowel (this can cause a choppy, uneven surface)
~ Do not allow the framer to use any color of chalk! (use talcum powder instead)
~ Watch your contractors! The last thing you want in your beautiful new home is a huge stain where someone kicked over a coke before the polish was done.


Why does the price vary so much?

The price can vary drastically between jobs, the biggest factors include:


~ Concrete hardness levels

~ Floor Flatness Levelness ratings

~ Cut Depth

~ Eco or Platinum packages

One of the biggest factors we face as polishing specialists  is the additional steps we may face upon arrival.  Poorly prepared concrete may require up to 10 additional steps before we can begin our 7 step process to achieve polish. This is why it’s so important for your concrete finishers to provide a quality finished slab.  You and your concrete finisher can review the information in the downloads section for the package you have requested. There is another factor that can change price from contractor to contractor. One of the problems with polished concrete is the misconception that sealed concrete is polished concrete. It is not.  There are many contractors that will grind your floor and apply a floor wax giving the look of polished when in reality you now have waxed concrete with none of the benefits or protection of polished concrete. In fact, this process has less protection than a sealed floor. The 1st picture below is done and will now be waxed. The 2nd picture is a polish with no sealers, or wax, just perfectly refined concrete. These pictures are at the same stage of the job.

Wax Floor


Make sure you always use a certified concrete polishing expert and always ask for their credentials

Why Polish instead of Seal or Epoxy?

There are a lot of advantages to polishing over sealing. One of the biggest factors is maintenance. When it comes to sealers they have to be resealed; over time you will get a buildup of sealer that needs to be removed before a reseal can be done. Inside your home it is a costly and messy job to strip sealers.   It involves expensive and poisonous chemicals or grinding, which is dusty. 

With Polished Concrete this problem doesn’t exist, as there are no topical products used on the surface of your concrete to get a buildup. Polished Concrete is also:

~ Economical 
~ Extremely Durable 
~ Environmentally Friendly 
~ Modern and Elegant 
~ Easy to Clean

There is alot of information to review when it comes to polishing and theres no way we can put it all in here, If you have any questions about your specific job or even would like and estimate contact us with the links below

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General Cement and Casting Infromation

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Platinum Polish Contractor Information

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