Stone Maintenance

Day to day cleaning should only be done with a Neutral Cleaner and Water If your not sure your stone is Polished you can
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Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Home

Concrete Maintenance

Day to day cleaning should be water only. Use of a steam mop is ok or a bleach dilution for sanitization.
If your not sure on what type of flooring you have you can
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Polished Floor Maintenance

Stone and Concrete

Cleaning and maintaining your Natural Stone Floors (Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone,Terrazzo and Concrete).
There are so many products on the market for cleaning your floors! We see them on TV advertisements and in our local hardware or home improvement stores, but what should we use?
Not all of these floor cleaners are okay to use on our Polished Surfaces and, as always, TRY A SAMPLE AREA before cleaning or applying products to your entire floor; the citrus acids and high PH Levels in these products can actually damage your stone or concrete! 

However, there are a number of products at your local cleaning supply store that can get the job done.

-Day to day cleaning can be done with a Neutral Cleaner (with PH7 or less).
Try to avoid Soaps or Detergents, but if necessary you may use Phosphate free Biodegradable liquid and powder soaps to clean.

-Commercial settings have much more traffic and require a more aggressive approach to cleaning There are tools available that can adapt the equipment that you already use on a daily basis, such as diamond impregnated pads for your floor cleaners. Check out the commercial maintenance PDF for more information.

Stain Removal

-There are many products for stain removal but we recommend Poultices, as they are a product that can be used on almost all stains and instruct the user on what and how to mix, based on the type of stain you have.

-Additionally you may choose professional steam cleaning to try and extract tough stains.


Eventually, you are sure to get scratches in your stone and damage that normal maintenance can’t take care of. When this happens, it’s time to call a specialist. Diamond tooling and acid products will be required to remove the surface of the stone back to a point the scratch is gone, then honed or polished back up a shiny finish that matches the rest of your floor.

If you find you are in need of Stone Restoration or just have additional questions, please contact us at the links below.

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Handbook for Commercial Polish

-Adobe PDF
Commercial Maintenance for High Traffic Floors

Home Maintenance and Cleaning on Polished Stone

Maintanance and Cleaning on Polished Stone

Home Maintenance and Cleaning on Polished Concrete

Maintanance and Cleaning on Polished Concrete

Need to Get your Polished Stone Floors, Counters, or Polished Concrete Restored

your Polish will eventually need to be buffed with diamond pads to bring the luster back to it.

Check Out our Restoration work

This Process is also great if you have damage or scratches in your polish.

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